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In this series over the next few days, you will learn how to:

&#10004 Identify your networking goals

&#10004 Envision and identify your ideal collaborators and champions for your work

&#10004 Target and connect with the best people to achieve your goals that are aligned with your creative vision

Identify and effectively use the resources you already have

Move beyond the limiting beliefs that keep you from reaching out with confidence

Take immediate action to build your resources and relationships

What Clients Are Saying About Joanne Zippel

“Joanne teaches you how to find the people that you need to find and how to get to them — She shows you really how to network and navigate through the industry. And that is extremely helpful because — nobody teaches you that!” Shari Berman — writer, director, filmmaker

“The truth of the matter is since I’ve been working with Joanne, the Universe has opened up and the collaborators have made an appearance — I’ve got four plays in various stages of development now with four different directors.” Robert Moulthrop — playwright, author

“The first thing we worked on was building my community and I now see that this is the way to connect with the world and make lasting relationships in all areas of my life. Joanne is a gift to the creative person who is passionate but lost — motivated but stuck.” Katherine Hinchey — Casting Director

“Working with Joanne was one of the most positive life experiences that I’ve ever had. Joanne worked with me to crystallize my vision. I highly recommend Joanne. She made a major difference for me, one that I am very grateful for.Ceil Diskin — Artist, Designer, Creative Director


As a producer, manager, and creative coach Joanne Zippel has more than 25 years of experience helping artists break through in their creative careers.

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Joanne Zippel’s Creative Coaching practice evolved out of her work as a manager of playwrights and screenwriters – guiding their careers and helping them to pursue their passions in what is well known as an often difficult, changeable and sometimes arbitrary business. She has over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, working in theatre and live event production, marketing, promotion, sponsorship, development and literary management in the entertainment business.