Welcome to the Zip Creative Community!

We are glad you found us and are excited to help you discover or take your “it” to the next level!

We’ve helped dramatists find their ideal collaborators and realize productions; positioned filmmakers to achieve rave reviews; guided artists as they’ve launched businesses based on their unique brands!

We’ve inspired lawyers and Wall Street pros to jumpstart writing careers, and helped executives to advance their careers, create new businesses and win national sales awards!

We are all creative beings—everything we do is an act of creation –whether it be making a movie, launching a new business, baking the perfect apple pie or taking our next breath!

Are you ready to make a shift? To take your creative life to a higher level?  To clarify and make your “it” happen?  Are you motivated to switch gears and do something more aligned with your creative capacities?

Now is the time to focus on living from your creative place and making that your core experience!

Zip Creative’s mission is to inspire and support you to take the risk of doing what you really want to do–creating something where there was nothing there before and to help take you to the next level of your career and life.

As owner and director of Zip Creative, I’ve spent years working with artists, helping them stay true to their creative vision and break through a difficult, changeable and sometimes arbitrary industry that is notorious for telling you “no”, “it’s not possible”, “it’s too hard”, or “don’t even try”.   Facing that kind of negativity and seemingly impossible odds, it takes a well of both “inner” and “outer” support to be successful, stay focused on your “it” and be creatively fulfilled.

Zip Creative is here to provide valuable guidance, content, support and a community where you can find and share resources, connect with likeminded individuals and celebrate your successes!

Our website, newsletter and Facebook page address both “The Inner Work” — staying connected with your drive and courage to act, letting go of the negative belief systems that hold you back from acting on your vision and maintaining a positive, grounded state of being as the foundation for your success — and “The Outer Work”— the practical real life action steps required to make “it” happen.

So I encourage you to join our community! Check out the Zip Creative website www.zipcreative.net. Opt into our monthly newsletter. “like” us on Facebook. Follow up on Twitter. Sign up for a workshop, ask me to speak to your group or organization, read and post a comment on the blog,  or contact me for a 30 minute complimentary consultation to tell me more about your “it”!

I look forward to hearing from you!

With love and all good wishes,