Producing & Artist Management Consulting


Zip Productions LLC is the producing and management arm of Zip Creative whose core mission is to tell universal stories through humor, drama and entertainment that inspire people to live authentically with courage and intention.  We support the work of filmmakers, theatre artists, fiction writers and related artists whose vision aligns with ours.

Artist Management Consulting

In rare instances, after coaching a client on an individual basis, an opportunity may arise to work together in a more hands-on way.  If the client has a specific project that is in some way aligned with Zip Creative or they are at a certain point in their career, we may enter into a Artist Management Consulting agreement with them.

Beyond the strategic work that we do together, this more in-depth process could entail, using personal contacts and our network of relationships to help them further their goals, advising them regarding representation, arranging and attending meetings when appropriate and actively partnering with the client in the development of their work and career in addition to the individual sessions.

The financial arrangement involves both upfront fees for consulting time and expertise as well as a back-end percentage taken from the project or any other work opportunities that organically materialize for the client as a direct result of our efforts on their behalf.

Some of the independent projects and/or clients that we are currently producing or representing include:

  • Writer-Actor-Producer-Women in Film activist NAOMI MCDOUGALL JONES award winner for IMAGINE I’M BEAUTIFUL,  TEDTalk What its like to be a Woman in Hollywood over 1 million views, the upcoming romantic comedy BITE ME starring Christian Coulson (Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets) Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story) Annie Golden (Orange is the New Black) produced with Jack Lechner (Blue Valentine, Fog of War) and Sarah Wharton (That’s Not Us, The Ring Thing) directed by Meredith Edwards (Imagine I’m Beautiful) and the TV series THE DARK PIECES.
  • Director-Writer-Producer KERSTIN KARLHUBER -director of the award winning feature FAIR HAVEN starring Tom Wopat, Gregory Harrison, Michael Grant and Josh Green and written by Jack Bryant, the upcoming feature drama REAR VIEW MIRRORS, TV series OUR TEXAS and fantasy-adventure feature THE GUILD OF GIFTED GOVERNESSES.
  • Writer- Director-Producer SHARI BERMAN award winner for MY LIFE AS ABRAHAM LINCOLN and SUGAR! starring Tony Award winner Alice Ripley and SAG award winner Robert Clohessey, the sci-fi drama NUMBERS and the modern day ghost story PINK MIST.
  • The English language translations of the award winning children’s books, CRY HEART BUT NEVER BREAK and TOO LATE by Danish author Glenn Ringtved, and Glenn’s award-winning YA novel YOU & ME AT DAWN -co-written with Sanne Munk Jensen and adapted by award winning American author and playwright ROBERT MOULTHROP
  • Playwright-Screenwriter ARDEN KASS bookwriter for the musical comedy DADDY’S GIRL,  plays APPETITE, SCHOOL PLAY, TV projects THE LOW COUNTRY, THE DOCTOR STORIES and GEMINI.

We work in collaboration with other production companies and individual producers and actively seek co-production, financing, publishing and distribution opportunities.