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“One year ago, I had the very great fortune of starting to work with Joanne and began the kind of manager/artist relationship that one can only dream of actually finding. Joanne, thank you many thousand times over for a year of collaboration, support, inspiring work, and the kind of creative possibility that comes from feeling like you truly have someone forging forward with and for you.  My debt and gratitude to you are deep and wide. Here’s to many, many more years, projects, dreams (and probably occasionally panicked phone calls.) Joanne also does career consulting for artists – if you EVER are looking to hire someone in this capacity, hire Joanne. She somehow always knows exactly what questions need to be asked.”                    Naomi McDougall Jones, Writer-Actor-Producer

“Joanne’s approach to helping creatives reach their personal and artistic goals addresses both the practical steps to take as well as the emotional hurdles creatives often face in getting their work out into the world. Joanne sets up a warm and welcoming environment to set clear, measurable and attainable goals; to be accountable to ourselves and others; and gives us a place where creatives can truly collaborate to help each other get to the next level. Truly empowering!”
Christine Hinz, Screenwriter

I began consulting with Joanne Zippel twelve months ago to help me develop my music teaching studio near Philadelphia. During that time, my clientele has more than tripled, and I also have gained opportunities to publish and lecture on my innovative approach to music education. These gains have resulted from Joanne’s detailed guidance about public relations, written communication and networking. Joanne is a master at helping creative clients to refine their vision and find their target audience. She has become a guiding light in my life’s work. I am pleased to recommend her without reservation to fellow artists who are ready to take their work to the next level while staying true to their highest intentions.”                          Jonathan Flowers- musician, educator and composer

“I’m a casting director who was working a day job in a law firm when I met Joanne.  I was motivated to make a fast change to work in my dream field full-time, but not sure where to begin and getting nowhere applying to hundreds of jobs every week.  Within months of beginning my work with Joanne I was working full-time in casting.  Joanne helped me first identify, clarify and then lay out a sound, step-by-step plan for achieving my goals.  She helped me to identify what I don’t want in my life as well as what I do want, which is a valuable lesson for not making the same kinds of mistakes over and over.  She is pragmatic and grounded but always encouraging and inspired.  The first thing we worked on was building my community and I now see that this is the way to connect with the world and make lasting relationships in all areas of my life.  Joanne is a gift to the creative person who is passionate but lost – motivated but stuck.”
Katherine Hinchey, Casting Director

“Joanne is a beacon of positive light that helps you keep your own inner light burning brightly.  I’ve been  working with Joanne for the past nine months but feel like I’ve known her much longer. Her own courage, and strength speak to something deep inside me which help me to recharge myself and stay motivated on my path. She offers a wonderful balance between helping see the bright side of things while remaining grounded and realistic. I’ve had some serious life challenges over the past year which took time away from my career goals, and Joanne’s encouragement and belief in my work were wonderful gifts to help me keep moving forward.  Joanne is astute, committed, and caring, and a wonderful person to partner with in your pursuits.”
Nadine Bernard, Playwright, Actor

“Working with Joanne was one of the most positive life experiences that I’ve ever had. I was seeking ways to organize my goals, strengthen my focus, and make some big-ticket life changes. Joanne worked with me to crystallize my vision. She brought a sense of clarity, honesty, and enlightenment into my life, that was so valuable to me. Joanne is clear-thinking, directed, and unwavering in her purpose. She puts all the issues on track with guidance and assurance, and charts a do-able path towards achieving what you want out of life. While stripping out the fears, doubts, and grey areas, Joanne worked with me to establish a toolkit for my dreams. I highly recommend Joanne. She made a major difference for me, one that I am very grateful for.
Ceil Diskin, Creative Director

“Joanne’s unfailing joy and enthusiasm, combined with pragmatic, and clear, solutions-oriented approach created just the right assistance to usher me through to the next level of executive confidence. I am indebted to Joanne’s brio, and a sharp mind in helping me to navigate my brave new world. I first met Joanne back in 1986 while she was producing a show at the Roundabout Theatre, where I was a marketing intern. I was employed, straight out of college, by Joanne when she started her company Advance Entertainment New York.  Joanne and her team set the gold standard by which I was to examine my professional and personal life for the next 25 + years. Joanne and I reunited in 2010. During the intervening years, I had moved to Chicago and had undertaken a considerable enterprise overcoming life’s complications. Working again with my once mentor was just the spark I needed to jump back in the fray—and I’ve not looked back!”
Mazal Bohbot Berrie, Founder and Executive Director-[wholespace.collective] 

“Joanne has been a tremendous help to me. I can’t say enough about her. She enabled me to clarify what I wanted to do and what steps I needed to take to achieve my goals. She is supportive, but also honest about how to achieve my goals as an artist and when she gives me feedback on my work. Her feedback is invaluable. She appreciates the soul of the artist as well as the practicality of being one. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance, support and the tools needed to balance one’s life.”
Shari Berman, Filmmaker

Joanne has been such a pleasure to work with in so many ways. She really took the time to listen and understand where I was and helped me map out a strategy to get on track to achieve my goals, both personally and professionally. She always followed up each session with helpful reminders and made herself available whenever I felt I needed a quick word of encouragement or a strategy refresher. In the time we spent together I not only achieved important goals she helped me set but found that my value to my company was rewarded in ways I hadn’t even considered!
Jim Guerra, Territory Sales Representative, Pro Golf Resources

“I have never worked with a Creative Coach before I met Joanne, and I can only say I wish I had met her years ago! Her sincere and thoughtful counsel coupled with her energetic support have renewed my belief in myself as a viable playwright. The experience of working with Joanne has jump-started my career. She knows how to listen. The wealth of knowledge and practical experience she brings to the table is amazing. Joanne helped me develop an informed road map to achieve my goal… one that actually is working! She keeps me on track and focused. I couldn’t recommend a better, smarter, or more caring person to work with and to have in your corner!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              P.H. Lin, Playwright

“I wholeheartedly recommend Joanne Zippel as a coach. I’m a playwright, and I was going through a serious period of Stuck. Joanne helped me unravel the personal matters that were hampering me from moving my career forward, providing clarity and insights that have been enormously helpful.  Writing is lonely, and playwrighting is tough everywhere, but especially in New York City. Working with Joanne has made taking the next career steps—and deciding which new projects to work on—as easy as possible.  After six months, I’m opting to continue.  Working with Joanne makes a real positive difference.”
Robert Moulthrop, Playwright

“How often are you told that following your dreams and being practical about your career are not opposing ideals? I, for one, have had a difficult time balancing my own passion and practicality; perhaps because I have always thought somewhere in my mind that this was impossible. Yet the belief that this balance is not only possible, but, in fact, ideal is exactly the approach taken in the Career Support Workshop led by Joanne Zippel.”
Debra Kirschner, Writer-Director & Workshop Participant

“When I joined Joanne’s workshop I was coming off working non-stop for 32 years in television news, mostly for CBS News.  That’s a long time with someone else setting the parameters of my life (not that I regret those 32 years).  I had to learn how to change my thinking so I am now the one in charge and Joanne’s workshop has helped get my brain turned around.  I found the group Joanne put together not only supportive but also inspiring.  It was great being with a group of smart women all willing to share expertise, information and empathy!”
Mimi Spillane,  TV Producer, Commentator, Journalist

“I have known and worked with Joanne for over 12 years, as a friend, career manager and personal confidante, and I only give her my highest recommendation as a professional Creative Coach. Joanne combines a keen intellect with boundless intuition and a deep well of personal empathy focused directly on you, your talent, your hopes and dreams, and most of all, your reality. She nurtures your dreams while keeping your feet planted in the reality of where you are, so that you can better get to where you want to be.  She is caring and supportive even as she prods you to do better. Her world view is one based on generosity and love and those elements are always part of the input she gives you. Articulate, seasoned, creative and filled with innate joy, Joanne is a fantastic ally to have on your side. So what are you waiting for?!”
David Simpatico, Playwright, Screenwriter, Director

“Joanne Zippel’s life coaching was so key for finally leaving a Wall Street job that was making me miserable and opening myself up to all the possibilities this world has to offer. Writer, editor, urban gardener, English teacher, builder of ecovillages and intentional communities… So many hats I realized I could wear, and many of them at the same time! Joanne simply helped me understand that there’s nothing irresponsible about going off on a solo “soul adventure,” learning to live in the moment and to listen to my surprisingly ambitious, motivated, and now not-at-all-clueless inner voice. Most importantly, Joanne taught me that a writer is simply someone who writes, and I’ve been doing a whole lot of writing ever since.”
Vicki Litvinov, Writer/Entrepreneur

“After 25 years in corporate sales, at age 53, I made a life changing decision to follow my childhood dream in becoming an artist. Joanne has an innate talent for listening and accessing with absolute clarity what you struggle in yourself to articulate. She is able to extrapolate the sparkle and true spirit that is trapped within us fighting so hard and so long to get out.  She was my respirator that gave me my first full “breathe of air” to my new career. “
Betsy Klein, Artist/Jewelry Designer

“I got divorced, lost my job the next day, and had to put my house on the market a week later. During the darkest days, Joanne’s coaching helped me reevaluate what I wanted to do with my life and find the courage to finally become an independent consultant. I am much happier than I’ve been in many years because I’m finally doing what I love and getting paid for it!”
Murray Karten, Supply Chain Consultant

“Joanne has the talent and the heart to always see one’s strengths. We met during the most trying time of my career. I wanted to quit the practice of law altogether, thinking that it was the problem. But Joanne carefully guided me through the process of figuring out what I want and helped me work out my limiting beliefs that were holding me back from pursuing my soul work, which still definitely involved the practice of law. She is ever ready to support and empower in ways that are comfortable yet solid. She helped me find the courage to leave an unhappy work situation. With her, I feel safe and confident that I can make my dreams into reality.”
Karla Ng, Attorney

“What a blessing Joanne has been.  Our conversations were honest, sincere and her feedback was incredibly thoughtful.  I loved that it was structured and I had an action plan between sessions to keep me motivated after I quit my job.  I’ve come out of this experience with new ideas, new energy and new confidence in my soul work that has enabled me to finally move forward.  It is tough to fully express how beneficial this process is.  Get ready for a life changing experience – Joanne will be there for you from start to finish and beyond.  I couldn’t have done it without her.”
Mary Keller, Entrepreneur