The Gift of Gratitude

Thanks There can be lot of disappointment and rejection in the life of the artist. But there’s also a lot of joy. There’s joy in practicing your craft. There’s joy in the sharing of work. There are many uplifting moments in the life of a creative project and in meeting and connecting with fellow artists and supporters. Taking daily stock of all the things for which you can be grateful is a powerful buffer when we face challenges as artists and human beings.

Part of the practice of daily gratitude is also saying thank you to those who have inspired you or whose work you’ve admired. You can thank friends and family who have supported you along the way. You can thank an employer who let you have an extra day off to prepare for a show or exhibit or performance. How you thank people is up to you. You can create a thank-you page on your website. You can email people or call them. If you run into an artist whose work you appreciate, you can thank them at that moment for the joy they brought into your life.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a wonderful way for remembering the joy in your life, and it serves as a an antidote to disappointment or envy of other artists’ success. In your journal, you can chronicle your achievements and advancements in your work.  You can thank yourself for sticking with it, even when the going got rough.

Giving Back

Keep in mind that daily gratitude is not about giving so you can get. It is about being genuine in your appreciation of others and all the great moments in your life and in your creative career. Consciously look for ways to help those who have impacted you in a positive way. Take the time to truly listen to them without an agenda. Genuinely be interested in what they are doing and be prepared to share your resources–perhaps by offering to give them thoughtful and respectful feedback on their work should they want it or connecting them to someone you know who may help them.

The more we share our resources and collaborate, the more the universe expands the pie and brings resources to us.  Our willingness to help others without expectation of return, fuels the channel of giving and receiving with infinite possibilities.  And the more we express our gratitude the more we experience powerful joy as our core experience!

What is your gratitude practice? Please take a moment to share your thoughts!

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