6 Proven Ways to Increase Your Creativity

4371001192_6c318319bd_oBeing creative is hard work.  The inspiration isn’t always there, and the Muse can’t be called upon to come to the rescue.  What’s an artist to do?

Throughout time, artists have come up with countless ways to deal with their “blocks” or slow periods.  A number of artists wind up turning to alcohol (or even drugs) to grease the tricky wheel of creativity, which as we all know can turn out to have other unintended and not so healthy effects.  However, there are other proven methods of opening up and releasing the art inside. Here are six.

  • Start a new project just for the fun of it. There’s nothing to look at here.  This new project isn’t being seen by anyone in particular.  It’s just for fun; therefore, it can be as outrageous or outlandish as the artist wants.  This quiets the inner critic.  After all, this project doesn’t have to be “the greatest thing ever.”  It just has to be what it is.
  • Steal and remix. Like Einstein said, “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” Use an established piece as a starting point.  With that inspiration in tow, blank page or empty canvas syndrome won’t kick in.
  • Develop a daily practice. Do something that helps you detach from your thoughts and connect to the non-mental part of you from where your creativity flows. Some examples are meditation, yoga, movement or dance, connecting with nature. If you are not in the habit, start small.  Give yourself moments to just be. Even with only 10 minutes every day you will experience the benefits.
  • Go to a coffee shop. And not just for the coffee!  A study found “found that a level of ambient noise typical of a bustling coffee shop or a television playing in a living room, about 70 decibels, enhanced performance compared with the relative quiet of 50 decibels.”  Don’t feel like going out? Check out coffitivity.com which brings coffee shop noise to you!
  • Create every day. If you exercise your creativity muscle every day, it will flow more easily. Again, it doesn’t have to be hours every day.  Just do something.
  • Get moving. Scientists have found that people who exercise at least four times a week are more creative than sedentary people.  There really is something to taking a walk to overcome blocks.

Moving forward with your art comes down to constantly looking for new places for inspiration and methods that can help you streamline your creation process.

And if you are feeling like you would benefit from the input of others, consider starting or joining a group of creative artists to help keep you motivated and inspired.  Zip Creative’s Creative Breakthrough workshops are starting up soon! If you live near Montclair, NJ or New York City consider joining us!

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