Build Your Creative Career by Networking Like a Champ

-wwacNU3LfZTbHlmf9x57iMM0iumsDeNB-pUe-9mDYgRelationship building is a key aspect of having a thriving creative career. You can’t simply be good at your craft and then sit back, waiting for someone to champion you, manage you, or sponsor you. In order to advance your life as an artist along with your career, building the right relationships is critical.

How do you do it? How do you network effectively as an artist? Whether you are a writer, performer, sculptor, filmmaker or in any creative genre, the first step in your plan of action is to look at artists in your creative field  who are successful and whose work you admire.  Watch how they communicate with fans and others in the industry. Success leaves clues.

Below are five tips for effective relationship building and networking that will boost your creative career:

  1. Know What Networking Is and Isn’t –Networking is not about “selling” yourself.  It’s about putting yourself out in the world and connecting to people who may share your esthetic, taste and values and showing an interest in them.  It’s a reciprocal process. Meet three new people in your creative field who you can get to know. Start helping each other. Your relationships are your biggest assets in your career.
  2. Find New Friends — In addition to getting to know other artists on a business level, you should get to know them on a personal level. Artistic friends can help you vent, can lift you up, and can help you get “unstuck” on projects. You talk the same talk, and that can sometimes be a welcome development for your friends who aren’t artists.
  3. Get Referrals — Once people trust and like you, they will be able to refer managers, agents, industry leaders, and even new fans to you. When you have needs make sure to let people in your network know so they can assist you.
  4. Build Your Personal Brand — The more that you get to know other artists (and people in your industry), the more that your personal brand will shine.  Let others know about your projects and personality. Know what makes you unique and be able to communicate that.
  5. Explore New Opportunities — As you get to know others, opportunities will come your way. The more people trust you and get to know you, they will think of you for new collaborations, performances, festivals, etc.

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Happy Networking !!

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