A Workshop for Creative Artists


Want to take your creative career…
to the NEXT LEVEL?



Chart Your Course!

You’re proud of your work, and the project you’ve just finished – a film, novel, performance or exhibit – is going to take you to the next level. Use Joanne’s techniques to remove the road blocks getting in the way of your achievement.

Take Action!

Be the CEO of your creative career! Take control and direct your creative life. You already have a community of fans and colleagues. Build a team with you at the center confidently directing your own path. In the workshop, you’ll be able to analyze where you are going with your work and craft a strategic action plan to get you where you want to be.

Keep your creativity flowing and stay connected to your artistic self.
Get rid of the negative beliefs holding you back.
Understand who you are as an artist and craft your creative vision.
Make your art the center of your life and never look back.
Create access to other people’s money.
Tell the world about your creative work with confidence.
Support yourself financially through your creative calling.
Balance the demands of your creative career and your life.
Make your representation work for you.

Who Should Join This Workshop:

&#10003 Writers in All Genres
&#10003 Filmmakers
&#10003 Performers
&#10003 Directors
&#10003 Visual Artists
&#10003 Producers
&#10003 Anyone Pursuing A Creative Career


In eight sessions, creative coach, producer and manager Joanne Zippel will address essential principles required to thrive as an artist:

The Inner Work— staying connected with your drive and courage to act, clarifying your vision, purpose and intentions, letting go of the negative behaviors and belief systems that hold you back from acting on your vision, maintaining a positive and grounded state of being as the foundation for your success.

The Outer Work— identifying and taking the practical action steps required to manifest your creative vision, creating community around you and your work and balancing your creative life with your personal life.





The Benefits of Building Community Around Your Creative Self

You are not alone. Creating your art can be a lonely experience at times, but when you’re in the workshop, you won’t feel isolated. You’ll be in the same boat with other artists who can relate to your challenges in trying to get your art out into the world.

When artists get together and support each other, good things happen! Experience the synergies and synchronicities that take place when a group of like-minded creative people share ideas and resources with each other.

Take your time and think of your career in a strategic way over the 4 month period of the workshop. With a session held every other week, you’ll have plenty of time to act on the commitments you make to yourself.


What Others Are Saying About the Zip Creative Workshops and Joanne Zippel

“Joanne’s approach to helping creatives reach their personal and artistic goals addresses both the practical steps to take as well as the emotional hurdles creatives often face in getting their work out into the world. Joanne sets up a warm and welcoming environment to set clear, measurable and attainable goals; to be accountable to ourselves and others; and gives us a place where creatives can truly collaborate to help each other get to the next level. Truly empowering!”
  Christine Hinz, Screenwriter

“How often are you told that following your dreams and being practical about your career are not opposing ideals? Yet the belief that this balance is not only possible, but, in fact, ideal is exactly the approach taken in the Career Support Workshop led by Joanne Zippel.” – 
Debra Kirschner, Writer-Director

“I had to learn how to change my thinking and Joanne’s workshop has helped get my brain turned around.  I found the group not only supportive but also inspiring! ” It was great being with a group of smart people all willing to share expertise, information and empathy!” – 
Mimi Spillane,  TV Producer, Commentator, Journalist, Voice-over artist




Over The Course of The 16 weeks You Will Receive:

    8 two-hour in person group sessions with Joanne – sessions are held every other week so you have ample time to act on your commitments!

    A subgroup with other members – to help you stay motivated and be accountable in between sessions!

    A private Facebook group – to connect to the combined New York and New Jersey groups where you can share your ideas, resources and further expand your community!





The Montclair, New Jersey Workshop begins Tuesday, February 4th

Dates: Every other Tuesday – Feb. 4, Feb. 18, Mar. 4, Mar. 18, Apr. 1, Apr. 15, Apr. 29, May 13

Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

The New York City Workshop begins Tuesday, February 25th

Dates: Every other Tuesday – Feb. 25, Mar. 11, Mar. 25, Apr. 8, Apr. 29, May 6, May 20th, June 3

Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Each workshop is limited to 14 people.


As a special Bonus, if you register today, you will receive:
10% off of the workshop (use code CB2014 when you register)
One free coaching session with Joanne! ($250 VALUE)

4 Payments of $197    1 Payment of $749

If you find that this workshop is not the right fit for you, you have 30 days to receive a pro-rated refund for the remaining sessions.

About Joanne Zippel:

Joanne Zippel’s Creative Coaching practice evolved out of her work as a manager of playwrights and screenwriters – guiding their careers and helping them to pursue their passions in what is well known as an often difficult, changeable and sometimes arbitrary business. She has over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, working in theatre and live event production, marketing, promotion, sponsorship, development and literary management in the entertainment business.


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