Off-Broadway Run Opens for P.H. Lin’s ZELDA AT THE OASIS

Pat Lin’s play ZELDA AT THE OASIS, is currently enjoying an Off Broadway run at St. Lukes Theatre, 308 West 46th St.  ZELDA AT THE OASIS is about Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, wife of legendary American novelist, F. Scott Fitzgerald who wants nothing more than to be recognized as an artist in her own right. Two things stand in her way: a growing mental instability and the overbearing shadow of her husband. On this magical night in the 1930’s, Zelda discovers The Club Oasis, a New York City bar where she has escaped to drink alone…until a unique and unexpected friendship is forged with an aspiring musician who plays piano and tends bar at the Oasis.  Vivid and haunting memories are triggered as Zelda transforms the Bar Man into those from her past who have shaped her own self-image. Through this after-hours encounter, they share their dreams, missteps, and insights with one another, hoping to unlock the courage to move forward with their lives. The play features acclaimed performances by Gardner Reed as Zelda and Edwin Cahill as the Bar Man who who plays eight other characters including Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda’s Mother and Ernest Hemingway. The play is directed by Andy Sandberg.  For more information and tickets go to:,

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