What’s Our Process?

Individual Coaching

In a complimentary 30 minute consultation you and I both decide if the coaching process is right for you.

Organized around a series of one on one meetings, phone or Skype  sessions, an individualized process unfolds including exercises and actions in and between sessions that:

  • Help you identify and clarify your authentic vision for both your work and personal life
  • Provide support and hold the space for you to take bold action on that vision.

This involves:

  • The Inner Work—Staying connected with your drive and courage to act, letting go of the negative behaviors and belief systems that hold you back from acting on your vision, maintaining a positive and grounded state of being as the foundation for your success.
  •  The Outer Work—Identifying and clarifying your intentions and taking practical action steps to manifest what you want to accomplish.  Creating community around you and your work and balancing your creative life with your personal life.

I work with my clients in a personal and individual way on a variety of issues around moving their projects and careers forward.  On the practical front this includes leveraging and maximizing existing resources/relationships, networking strategies and targeting individuals or groups specifically geared towards your vision that will lead to getting your career on track or your work produced or funded. I take an approach that is holistic, by analyzing and advising on what you are doing in the creative, marketing and producing arenas and keeping this in balance with your personal life.

I work with clients at all stages of their careers and creative lives.  Coaching might be right for you if:

  • You are just starting out in the business and want to know how to break in
  • You have achieved success and are looking to take your work and life to the next level
  • You are looking to change course and are confronting and taking on new challenges
  • You have the desire to clarify and follow your creative passion.
  • You have the motivation to make it happen and the desire to take action

“Passion” is overused in self-help, marketing and even business consulting. But the real thing still exists as the essential energy to create new work or write a new chapter in your life.


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