The Myth of Creativity

Our culture perpetuates the myth that there are only a few “special people” who are “creative”– the ones who pursue and authentically live the life of their dreams.  This is not the case.  Every one of us has natural creative abilities, that we are capable of tapping into.

A study performed by Nasa proved that over 98% of all young people are highly creative and that creativity, or the ability to innovate, is unlearned as we grow up.

Case study: 1600 five year old children were given a creativity test by NASA to determine which would be the most innovative engineers and scientists when they grew up. 98% of the five year olds scored as highly creative. These same five year olds were retested at age ten. By then, only 30% tested as highly innovative/creative. By age fifteen, only 12%. By age twenty-five only 2%.

Whether you want to write a million dollar screenplay, invent the next Google, launch a new business or have more love, intimacy and connection in your relationships it all comes from the same place.  Everyone has the potential.

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