Your Path is Your Own: This Year, Resolve to Manifest Your Creative Vision

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!

  – William Hutchison Murray, (Scottish Mountaineer, Writer )

It’s a new year and the entertainment awards season is upon us.  And, depending upon how you look at it or what frame of mind you are in, honors like the Oscars, Tony Awards, Grammys and other major awards for artists, can either be an inspiration or make you feel as though you are chasing a dream. If you are in a real funk, you might even convince yourself that the artists who have achieved this level of fame and success did so through luck or are part of a special club bringing them relationships that are somehow beyond your grasp.

Everyone has a different path, but I can tell you that every person on that stage collecting an award was once a person watching the ceremony on television and wishing they were the one being recognized for their craft. What spurred them to success is that they had a clear vision and took direct action about their career and creativity.

So rather than looking at other people’s successes and feeling down about your creative career, commit yourself to your vision by making changes and taking action. If you have a fire in your belly and a deep need to share your craft with the world, don’t let your talent go to waste.

There are steps you can take to break through the inertia and manifest the creative career and life you want.

1. Make regular time in your life to ideate on and envision in detail the creative career that is a true reflection of your creativity, esthetic and personal values.  Everything flows from your vision.

2.  Share your hopes and dreams with others. Letting people know what makes your heart sing will bring you or add to your much needed support system. It also whispers in the ear of the universe that this is something you truly want.

3. Connect, Connect, Connect! Join professional organizations for artists and make an effort to attend as many events as possible. You may meet someone who is interested in becoming your mentor or who can introduce you to someone who can help take your career to the next level. You’ll meet like-minded people and potential collaborators who will inspire you to take chances with your art.  It may feel overwhelming and require stepping out of your comfort zone to do it – but focus on quality not quantity.  Just meeting one person at each event could make a difference!

4. Be generous. Support the work of other artists by attending their plays, screenings or reading their work. A generous, open heart  brings goodness and synchronicities into your life.

5. Take time to acknowledge your successes and experience daily joy and gratitude.  We often focus on what is not going well in our career and that energy can hold us back in our efforts.  You may not be exactly where you want to be yet but it is important to recognize, own and celebrate how far you have come.   The energies of joy and gratitude are powerful and effect not only your core experience but the impact you have on others.






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