Detachment 101

daily practice

Do you always feel like you are on the go go go? There are only 24 hours in a day so it is very easy to become overwhelmed and feel like you can't accomplish everything you set out to do. As an artist, this feeling can be increased if you don't believe you are as far a long in your … Read More

Fast Forward Friday with Shari Berman

Shari Berman

  This week we had the pleasure to interview director, writer and filmmaker, Shari Berman. Shari's first feature film was the award-winning  My Life as Abraham Lincoln. She is currently in post production for her second feature film, Sugar. You can see a preview of the … Read More

Fast Forward Friday with Jillian Abbott

Jillian Abbott

Our interview this week is with inspiring multimedia literary innovator, novelist, screenwriter and professor, Jillian Abbott. Jillian is currently working on using her most recent award winning  multimedia short story, Air Quality to support communities of smokers give up their … Read More

Fast Forward Friday with Amy Guggenheim

Amy Guggenheim

This week our Fast Forward Friday interview is with the multi-talented writer-director-producer and Brooklyn NY based filmmaker Amy Guggenheim.  Amy is also a tenured instructor of film and film studies at Pratt Institute.  Find out more about Amy and her work here. Q: What are you … Read More

Fast Forward Friday with Robert Moulthrop – NYC

Robert Moulthrop

Robert Moulthrop is an amazingly dynamic, warm and disarmingly passionate writer and playwright based out of NYC. His most current collection of short stories, To Tell You the Truth, is available in bookstores and online now. It was pleasure to speak with him over the phone from his NYC … Read More