Zip Creative

If you are a creative artist in the entertainment industry (playwright, writer, director, filmmaker, producer,  performer, visual or related artist) or an individual looking find the work and life that is an authentic reflection of yourself, Zip Creative’s mission is to support you by helping you to identify, tap into and live in the creative space where you are able to manifest your dreams.

Helping highly motivated people clarify and achieve their vision has long been, and remains, central to Joanne Zippel’s work as a producer, entrepreneur and manager. Through the unique combination of her professional experience in the entertainment industry and as a life coach,  she can help you clarify your life vision, realize your artistic vision and uncover your avenues of expression.

Joanne’s passion is to help her clients achieve continual professional and personal breakthroughs–to provide practical advice and guidance on how to envision and chart the path to success in a grounded and holistic way.